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And this happened today.

Had a great time chatting with Raphael this afternoon. It was a pleasure meeting this kind-hearted man and exchanging notes on our ME experience. Check out his grassroots non-profit organization that helps fund L.A.’s green projects  — 

I’m excited in a man way looking at this picture.



How I feel when I read someone blame the gays for the evil in the world.

How I feel when I read someone blame the gays for the evil in the world.

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I’m sitting here in the bathtub getting my morning “me” time, reading online articles and just preparing for my day.

It’s a big day, and again, I’m more emotional than I thought I would be.  Today’s the day that the Supreme Court begins listening to the Prop 8 case.  We don’t know what the outcome will be.  They could uphold Prop 8, which would invalidate so many marriages and families in the state of California.  They could overturn it, but make the ruling so that it only applies to California, or they could overturn it and make the ruling apply broadly to America.

Some of you have read my (recently neglected) blog, where I share stories from my own marriage.  I have lots of friends that are married, and we share stories all the time.  It seems that the only real difference between my marriage and theirs is that I’m married to another man.

I don’t believe in the power of prayer.  Never really did.  Even when I thought I was a believer, I still never thought that prayer worked.  I could never imagine a god that had nothing better to do than to listen to people beg and whine all day.  That being said, I get how it could be comforting.  At times like this, when your fundamental rights as a person, supposed to be considered equal under the law (Amendment 14 to the United States Constitution) is sitting in the hands of 9 people that don’t know you, have never met you, and likely never will, I can see how it might be comforting to want to appeal to a higher power.

While my marriage may not be that different from those of my hetero friends, my life is.  I can get the same things they get, sure, but I have to put more work into it.  I have to adopt a child, so my credit has to be good, I need to own a house if I want to get an infant.  To buy that house with my husband, we’re both going to have to be in the loan and deed, because we’re not (currently) allowed survivorship rights.  I can hold hands with him and kiss him in public, but there’s always a little fear that the wrong person saw that.  We wouldn’t just get some prude who tells us to get a room, they might kill us.

By all accounts, it’s getting better for us.  I think it will get better FASTER when marriage equality is the law of the land.  By having a government that says “you are equal,” the mindset begins to change.  The struggle will likely never be over, but we’ll be closer to the finish line.

So, I guess what I’m saying is, I await the outcome of today’s oral arguments with great hope as well as great fear.

Thanks for reading, I guess?  Good luck to us all today.



Book review: Beautiful Creatures

The short version is: Just as addicting as “Twilight,” but told by a boy, about witches, and well-written.

I was in for the movie as soon as I saw that Emmy Rossum was in it.  Love her.  Then, my “Twilight” girls (a group of friends that I have that all go to see the “Twilight” movies together because we all loved the books) decided they were going to see it, because they’d all read the books.

My best friend/sister-in-law told me she was going to lend it to me, and I finally got it last Friday when I went to see “Dracula” at the Atlanta Ballet with her.  (Shameless plug:  GO.  That shit was awesome)

I finished it yesterday.  I’m currently reading three other books, and it took me less than a week to read it.

Basically, a small-town boy falls in love with an exotic newcomer who is more than she seems.  She’s a witch, and they race against the clock to save her from being Claimed by the Dark.

While not reinventing the teen supernatural romance wheel, the book does seem to delight in its chosen formula.  The characters are truly compelling, their motivations justified, and I can totally see why Ethan loves Lena, and she him.

There is a little bit of an “author writing as a different gender” thing that sometimes pops up.  Ethan knows too much about dresses, and can properly identify furniture.  (Find me a 16 year old straight boy that can pick a settee out of a lineup), but it all works out.

The criticisms I’m seeing online are that the book is boring.  I didn’t think so at all.  What I will say is that it takes the characters a long time to discover enough to set the climax in motion, but I didn’t realize that until I was AT the climax.  Again, the characters were interesting enough that I didn’t care until the shit was actually going down.

Read it, enjoy it.  I’m looking forward to the movie.  Even if the script ends up sucking, Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons, Viola Davis, and Emmy Rossum are all strong enough actors that it’ll be fun to watch.




So, I started a new job this week.  It’s going great, I love it, but it is a huge office, and there’s always that one person.

You know the one I’m talking about.  Shoots from the hip before considering what he’s saying, so he’s kind of a dick, but doesn’t really mean to be.

Coming out is something you do every time you decide to be open and honest with people.  It’s not something you just do at one point in your life and it’s over.

This guy and I were talking, I told him I was married.  He asked me about my wife, and I said I was married to a dude. That’s when he started to rub me the wrong way.  And possibly I am over-sensitive, but I didn’t lose my cool with him, I felt like I was very patient.

He asked if I called Luke my wife.  I said no.

He asked which of us was the “woman” in the relationship.  

My response was, “I’m not sure what you’re asking.  We’re both guys.  Who’s the woman in your relationship?”

He said “uh, my girlfriend.”

"Now, is she the woman because of her sexual role, or the work she does around the house, or is it because of her gender?"


"Because I don’t think you want me to know how you have sex, so I assume you don’t want to know how I have sex.  I don’t believe housework makes a person a man or a woman, so you must mean she’s a woman because she’s a woman.  Since that’s the case, why would you ask which one of us was a woman when we’re both dudes?"

I think it’s one of the most ridiculous questions out there, and people ask it all the time.  Luke got asked once if he called me his wife.  I was having dinner with my sister-in-law’s family once, and they referred to a man they knew, and said he was the woman in the relationship.

In an age where women work, know how to change the oil in their cars, are carpenters, bankers, plumbers, welders, cops, and soldiers, why do we still assign gender roles?  We’re all guilty of it.  I do it, too, though I work hard to correct myself when I catch myself doing it.

I do laundry, I knit, I cook, I like pretty things.  But I don’t feel like it makes me less of a man to do those things.  I know how to change a tire.  I can set up stereo equipment with the best of them.  I know the difference between polybutelene pipes and copper ones, and why you want copper over poly.

Like I said, I know the guy didn’t mean to be a dick, but he kind of was.





real fucking talk

See conservative people call what Pac is saying Communism or Socialism

Preach Pac!!!!

I agree…..

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Made me giggle

Made me giggle




Abi Roux: MINION GET TOGETHER. Oh Yeah Baby, Its Happening!


Minions Unite. A get together for Abi Roux minions!

I hope you all had some fantastic holiday times!! I left the location poll open a little longer so that people on vacation got to see it and participate. But it is now officially closed. Thank you to all who…

Super excited.  Any minions visiting Atlanta for the first time, let me know if you have any questions!